This has with reference to the requirement of furnishing Daily Margin Statement to clients by brokers, as per SEBI Circular No. MRD/DOP/SE/CIR-11/2008 dated April 17, 2008, and Exchange Notice No. 20080211-19 dated February 11, 2008, 20080421-32 dated April 21, 2008 and 20111215-10 dated December 15, 2011.

Further, as per communication from SEBI, it is clarified that in terms of SEBI circular MRD/DOP/SE/CIR-11/2008 dated April 17, 2008, the margin statement is required to be issued by the brokers to the clients on a daily basis at the end of the trade day (T day) itself.

Accordingly, Annexure-B of Exchange Notice No. 20111215-10 dated December 15, 2011 (Regarding format of Margin Statement) is revised and attached as Annexure -B.

Stock Brokers are advised to comply with above mentioned requirement.

 For and On behalf of BSE Ltd.  

 Gopalkrishnan Iyer                                                                  Hitasha Gurbani

 Sr. General Manager                                                              Asst. General Manager

 (Brokers’ Supervision)                                                           (Brokers’ Supervision)

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